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Globalization highlights the need for public sector reform, good governance, and state capacity building. Thus, this volume highlights the key developmental role of public institutions in creating an enabling environment for economic growth, improved welfare, and sustainable development.
What has been the impact of globalization and regional economic integration on the Philippines` automotive industry? How have the country`s automotive firms responded to these phenomena? This Note discusses these in detail.
The study examines local responses to globalization, with Cebu as a case in point. It describes the initiatives of the business, export, and ICT sectors in adjusting to global demands. Manifestations of glocalization are indicated in the increased role of local players, intensified global-local linkaging, and the translocal and decentralized nature of responses by government.
This Policy Note delves into possible approaches the government and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can adopt to enhance the business performance and competitiveness of Philippine SMEs, with emphasis on the supply chain integration. It identifies three main dimensions of supply chain integration, namely, internal, customer, and supplier integration.

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